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Comprehensive renovation - back for you from September 21!

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Stylish living in the heart of Bremen.

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Comfortable living directly in the center of Bremen.

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living in the city

ÜberFluss offers you upscale and distinctive living experiences in a city location. Whether for a short stay with a presentation event in the Designhotel ÜberFluss, longer business stays in our ÜberFluss Apartments or the flexible life in the first apartment, for example for career starters and commuters. That is ÜberFluss – living in the city!

Now available!
12x Prime-Location in Bremen

Temporary living with comfort in our new serviced apartments in the Designhotel ÜberFluss (also bookable in the renovation phase)

12x Bestlage Serviced Apartments
Designhotel ÜberFluss

Relaxing directly at the Weser river

We'll be back soon. Experience & enjoy anew from September 2021

The Designhotel ÜberFluss is currently being extensively renovated. We look forward to welcoming you again from September 2021. In the meantime, catch the first sneak peaks and use our 12 new serviced apartments in Bremen's prime location.

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ÜberFluss Apartments

Living in style in the heart of Bremen

Stylish living in the ÜberFluss Apartments, directly in the centre of Bremen

Step into your new temporary home. Bremen's most representative merchant building from the neo-baroque era invites you with 38 serviced apartments to stay timelessly. It combines the latest technology with modern design and the vibrant Bremen lifestyle. Stay for days, weeks or months, choose for yourself which service and how much of it you want.

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first apartment

Comfortable living in the city of Bremen

Flexibility & comfort in square meters

Fulfil your wish for an affordable and high-quality stay in the center of Bremen - whether for months or years.

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Even more ÜberFluss

Enjoyment and celebration

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We prove our taste not only through the design of our design rooms. We redefine your culinary experience. Now on the ground floor of the ÜberFluss Hotel.

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“Skybar” – Rise above it all – that is the motto of our bar. With a unique view over the Weser River, it is the perfect place to end the day or celebrate festivities.